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2.3 Professionals/consultants and resources
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Ofys allows you to create a database of professionals and resources (eg physiotherapy clinic, CLSC, hospitals, etc.). This is particularly useful for places where you fax regularly, because with the fax integrated in Ofys, you can search through this database.

Finding an existing professional/consultant

In the administrative area, click on "Providers" in the left menu, then on "Search Provider".

Perform a search to find the one you are looking for, or click on "Search" to display the entire list (if too much data is found, you will see a message advising you to refine your search).

If you need to open more than one chart, click on the pin at the top of the search window to keep it open:


Tip: the search results can also be found under the "Search for a service provider" tab in the left menu!


To find an inactive provider, click on "Refine" and select "Inactive = True" before starting the search.

You can also search for a physician on the web. When you double-click on a choice, the physician will be imported as a service provider. Note that the physician database is not up to date (2017).


Adding a professional/consultant

Here is how to add or modify a professional/resource.

Still in the administrative interface, click on "Providers" in the left menu, then on "New Provider".

In the form, fill in the Name, First name and Professional code (always write 9999999 for the code if unknown). The note field allows you to add keywords that may be useful for the search. For example, if for all physiotherapy clinics you write the word "Physiotherapy" in the note, this keyword will find the complete list.


Editing a professional/consultant (eg., to update the fax number)

1) Click on "Providers"
2) Click on "Search provider"
3) Search for the provider in the window that opens at the right. Double click on the provider to open their file.
4) Under "Communication", double-click on the fax number. Edit it, then click on Ok.
5) Save with the blue floppy disk at the top.

Faxing to a professional/consultant

When faxing, just search for the provider/resource in the "Professionals" section and the fax number will be entered automatically.


For more details on the fax, consult this page:

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