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Ofys is linked to the FMP medical billing software, allowing you to fill out claims via your EMR and submit them to your agency, if they use FMP (e.g., DBS and Medijuris). After writing a visit, a simple click opens a new bill, pre-filled with the information transmitted by Ofys.

Such integration saves time and eliminates the risk of errors and oversights.


There is no charge from Info-Data for using this integration. For information on the licenses and services offered by FMP, please contact


Please have your agency manager contact FMP at to activate the integration. FMP will then send them the login information to be entered into Ofys.

Configuration in Ofys

Here is how to configure your account in Ofys in order to activate the integration.

1) User configuration

You must enter the login information received by FMP in your Ofys user profile. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. In your Ofys Pro dashboard, click on the pencil to edit your user profile.
  2. In the "RAMQ Billing" field, choose FMP. Enter the username and password provided by that provider.
  3. In the RAMQ and RVSQ section, enter your agency number and administrative group, if applicable.
  4. Save your profile, then log out of Ofys and log back in.

Your FMP account is now linked to your Ofys account!


2) Clinic Configuration

The establishment number of your clinic must also be entered in the work site. For most primary care clinics, this will already be done as it is required for the RAMQ synchronization of registered patients.

The ite can be modified by an administrator user. Simply open the work site file and add the establishment number in the corresponding box in the "RAMQ Registration" tab.



1) Creating a bill

You will now see a dollar sign above any of your saved visit.


A simple click will open a new FMP bill, pre-filled with the information transmitted by Ofys. Once completed, you can save and/or submit it to your agency.

You may then simply return to Ofys Pro, no need to close the FMP window. When you click on the dollar sign again at the next patient, the window will instantly come back into focus and you can complete the new bill without delay. If you are working with two screens, it can be convenient to move the FMP window to the second screen!

2) Consulting the status of an invoice

Click on the arrow to the right of the dollar sign to view the status of an invoice:

  • Invoice Not Found
  • Invoice - Draft
  • Invoice submitted

Clicking again on the dollar sign in a visit will reopen the bill made for that visit. You can then verify its information, edit and resubmit if needed.

3) Indicate that a visit should not be billed

If you do not need to generate a bill for a visit, for example a prescription renewal visit, you can check the box "No RAMQ billing". This way, the note will be excluded from your billing report (see below).


Dollar icon on the visits

image On the visit preview, a green $ indicates that a bill has been started (draft or submitted).

The $ is green as soon as a bill is opened, whether it is saved or not.
A yellow $ indicates that no bill has yet been initiated for this visit.
Finally, a red $ indicates that the visit should not be billed (will be excluded from the billing report).

Report of visits and bills

From your Ofys Pro dashboard, you can generate a list of the visits made for a given period and the status of the bill associated to each one.

By default, it will generate a report for today. You may change the date range, then click on "Generate".

The report produced displays all the meetings written during the specified date range and indicates whether an invoice was created for each meeting, as well as its status. If a payment request was missed, you can easily identify it.


For more information on using Ofys, please contact our support team at and one of our experts will be happy to answer your questions. For more information on the FMP billing tool, please contact

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