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FAQ: I'm sure I saved my note, but when I open the visit, it's not there! (FR-EN)
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"I am sure I saved my note, but when I open the visit, it is deleted!"
Ofys will never erase a note you have saved. If you cannot find your note in the visit and you are sure you saved it, click the "versions" button at the top of the visit. You will be able to see every saved version of the visit, and you will find your note there. Older versions are hidden by default to avoid information overload.


"But why are there sometimes multiple versions of the same note?"
Each time the note is saved, a new version is created.

"Why is my note hidden among the older versions?"
If, in their respective session, two professionals are editing the same note at the same time, one will not see the other's changes in real time. And by saving, both users each create a version of the encounter. The last person who will have saved will see their note in the visit. The other can find his own by clicking on the "versions" icon.

For example: you are a resident and you start a note in a visit. You save it and plan to come back to it later to complete it. The doctor who supervises you sees the note, opens it, decides to add information and finally save its additions. At the meantime, you have reopened your note, completed and saved it. If the doctor saved their note after you, your note will become an older version and you will not see it in the visit.

Tip: If you want to add something to a note that is already written (or started by someone else), instead of modifying it, you can add a follow-up note to the visit (you can add as many as you want). Thus, no note will be hidden among the previous versions!


Your supervisor prefers to edit your note instead of creating a new one?

Ask them to reload the visit to make sure they have the most recent version.

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