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3. Display and import of medication from the DSQ
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The display of the patient's medication is now identical in the Rx DSQ tab of the complete chart and in the left column when writing a note or viewing a part of the chart. It shows the three detailed sections of the patient's medication profile: "Médication active", "Ordonnances en attente", and "Médicament délivré".


Clicking on a medication, regardless of the section, will take you to more information: a tab with summary information and a tab with detailed information. The drugs in the "Médication active" section also display the dispensing information for that prescription.


Importing Rx in the visit to renew medication

In order to import the DSQ medication in a visit, you must click on "Represcribe".

Then open the Rx DSQ tab in the left column. If the DSQ data had not already been downloaded, it will download almost instantly.

You can then import each section in bulk, either by checking which prescriptions to import or by checking them all at once with the check mark, then clicking on "Import Rx".

N.B.: the check mark allows you to toggle the selection, i.e. it checks the unselected boxes and unchecks the selected boxes.


The prescriptions will be added to the renewal window. All fields of the prescription are filled with the data received from the DSQ, and "Import DSQ" is indicated in the note field. If the frequency field is empty, the system adds a dash. The user does not have to do anything else, but can click on a prescription to edit it if needed.

Prescriptions in the "Active Medication" section import with the number of refills remaining, the others with the user's default refill.

The number of refills for all prescriptions can be changed in one step by clicking on "X Ren", then "Apply":


When finished, simply close the renewal window and save the visit.

Importing Rx into the summary to update the file

It is also possible to import medications in bulk directly into the summary from the Rx DSQ tab.

First of all, because the Rx DSQ tab is directly next to the summary, it is easy to compare the medication in the file with the one in the DSQ to validate what is missing in the chart.


Like in the visit, select individually in each section which prescriptions to import or select them all using the check mark, then click on "Import Rx". You will be asked to confirm the import of the selected prescriptions.


Once confirmed, the prescriptions will automatically appear in the summary, without any additional manipulation. If needed, click on a prescription to open the summary edition and modify it.

A list of all changes made to the summary can be viewed by clicking on this button in the "Visits" section:


It shows the date, time and user who modified the summary, as well as icons indicating what was modified. The modifications made through the DSQ import are identified with the blue "iDSQ" icon.


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