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Can we do a massmailing with Ofys?
Last Updated 3 years ago

You cannot do a massmailing through Ofys, but you can extract from Ofys the list of all your patients who have an email address in their file, then use an external massmailing solution (e.g. mailchimp) to send an email to all your patients.

Here's how to extract the list of all your patients who have an email address in their file:

1) Click on Clients
2) Click on Advanced Client Search, then click on Instant Search.
3) Criterion 1, select "Client - Inactive" and change the answer to « Faux ».
4) Click on "gr." at the end of the line.
5) Change the menu to « Aucune des conditions suivantes n’est vraie".
6) Select "Client - Email" and change the answer to « est vide ».
7) Click on « Rechercher maintenant ».
If the search is too long, click on « Convertir en recherche différée » and save it for the next night. You will find the results under "List of results" in the left menu.

8) When you have the search results, click on "Export" at the bottom.
You will then be able to choose which fields to export (including Contacts to get the email address). This will create an Excel file on the desktop with all of your patients' email addresses.


For the rest (massmailing with mailchimp for example), you would have to see with a technician of the clinic (this solution is not linked to Ofys).

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