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1.9 Printing
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To print a prescription, you must first save the visit. Once this is done, the menu at the top of the visit will offer you these choices:


To print, click on the printer icon "Rx". Then, if you want to go back to editing your note, click on "edit".

Printing Preferences

If you wish, you can change your preferences by clicking on the settings icon in the top right corner. You always have access to this icon, even when you are writing a meeting or looking at your results.

First of all, the "Direct Print" preference saves a lot of time and clicks when printing. When this preference is checked and you print your prescriptions (or any document), they will print on your default printer in a single click (instead of showing as a pdf on the screen).

In the same settings section, you also have the option "Print Rx and devices separately". By checking this option, your prescriptions and devices will always be on separate pages.


You can also choose to print prescriptions on multiple pages, by selecting which prescriptions to print together:
  • After you have saved your visit, click on the arrow next to the printer icon "Rx".
  • First select the prescriptions/devices you want to add on page 1.
  • Add a second page by clicking on the plus, then select the prescriptions/devices to be added on the second page, and so on.
  • When you are finished, click on "Print".

Prescriptions/Devices that you do not select will not print, just as the preference "Print Rx and Supplies Separately" has no impact when using this printing option.

For the more visual ones, here is a short video that explains the different options for printing:

Printing format

To change the printing format of your prescriptions, go to Ofys Administration. Under "Settings", select "Preferences" and use the drop-down list "Default prescriptions print format (active user)" to choose the printing format that suits you (letter, prescription, or 3 inches prescription (if you use a thermal printer)). If you have administrator rights, you can change the clinic's default printing format. Click on the blue disk above to save your preferences.



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