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How do I participate in a Webinar?
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First of all, make sure you have subscribed to our Ofys mailing list to receive information on upcoming webinars and the links to access the event.

You can choose to attend in real time, which allows you to use the "Questions & Answers" module to communicate with the presenter, or attend at any other time following the presentation. The link sent by email will give you access to the presentation for 180 days, even if the presentation is over.

To participate:

1. We recommend to use a computer rather than a tablet or phone, and to make sure that you have a fast enough internet connection. Live video streaming requires a good internet connection and a quality computer. To be able to hear the presenter, you must also have speakers or headphones.

2. A few minutes before the event, click on the link that will have been sent to you by email. The page shown below will open in a web browser. Click on "Watch on the Web instead":


3. You will then have the option to sign in to your Google Account. Since participation in the webinar does not require you to log in, click on "Participate anonymously":


You will then access the live event. If it hasn't started, you will see the message that the event hasn't started yet.

Only the microphone of the presenter(s) will be activated. On the right side of the presentation window, you will have access to the "Q&A" (Questions and Answers) to ask questions to the presenter. Feel free to use it.


When you ask a question, you can include your name rather than leaving it anonymous, so that the presenter knows who he or she is answering.


The presenter may not see your question right away. He or she will regularly take "Question Breaks" during the presentation to answer the questions asked.

In addition, there is a delay of about 20-30 seconds, which means that you see and hear what the presenter showed a few seconds ago.

If you arrive late to the Webinar, don't worry - you can watch the recording from the beginning anyway.

After the presentation, the video recording will still be available to you for 180 days, even if you didn't participate live. Simply click the link to the presentation.

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