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The DSQ only works on Windows. To use the DSQ on a Mac, you need to install a Windows Parallel Desktop.

It is assumed here that the clinic is already using the DSQ, so the work site is already configured.

Enter your DSQ key once Ofys is opened and you are logged in.

1. In the « Administration » environment, open the « Settings », then open « Preferences » :


2. Open the DSQ tab at the bottom, and write in your Alias, which is your full name (First name Last name). Save with the blue disk at the top :


3. In the left menu, double click on your name to open your user profile:


4. In the "Professional" section, remove the first "1" from your professional code, as well as the last digit if present, so that there are only 5 digits. Then, click "Search for the professional at the QHR". You will be prompted to enter your DSQ password in the window that appears.


A window should indicate "Success" and ask if you want to import the DSQ professional. Click "Yes".

5. Put the « 1 » back in your professional code (or the RAMQ sync won’t work), as well as the last number if it was there before. Save with the blue disk at the top.

Your DSQ is linked!

* If it is a resident or a nurse, add the date of birth at the top next to the name, clear the entire license number and search just with the name and date of birth.

Common error: Alias not found in the registry

1) To check if it's the right one: in the Windows search, write certmgr.msc, then Enter. You will see the name of the alias in the folder "Personal" and then "Certificates".
See how to do it in this video:

2) If the certificate is not there: your key is not read by the computer. Try another USB port (some USB ports seem not to recognize the DSQ key). You may need to contact DSQ to download the DSQ Viewer, which allows the computer to recognize the key.

3) Or try removing the key and replacing it.

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