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2. Ofys Pro billing report (En)
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The billing reports are useful especially if you see patients that are not in your schedule, for example in Walk-in, because you wouldn’t be able to print the appointment list of just your patients.

You can print the report in pdf, or in csv (format you can then import in some billing softwares).

Here is how to use this feature :

1) you can choose to add by default a billing section to all your visits :


Otherwise, you can add the section to your visit by clicking on "Billing" in the left column.

2) Fill out the information you know (type of visit, diagnosis, context, …). The specific fields don’t need to be filled out, you can just use the text box.


3) At the end of the day (or any period), print the report from your dashboard:


It will print out this way :
With this report, you make sure that all the files in which you wrote a visit and a billing section will be there.

You could also export the report in CSV, which can be imported in some billing softwares (like Xacte).

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