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FAQ: How to fill consult requests (outside of CRDS)
Last Updated a year ago

Consults in Ofys are in the eforms.
Do as you would to add a new form, then search for « Ofys » to find the form « Consultation request Ofys » or « Demande de consultation Ofys ».


In the form, click on the magnifying glass next to PROFESSIONAL to open the search window.


This searches in your database of ressources and providers. For example, search for "cardio" or "CSSS". Then, press Enter or click on the magnifying glass.


Select a provider in the list. Their name and contact info will appear in the form.
You can then select the specialty in the drop down menu below, or write it in the Service field if it is not in the list.

Write the reason for consultation/Note in the field at the bottom. You can attach info from the chart by using the paperclip at the top right, then clicking on what you want in the list on the left (labs, documents, summary, etc.).

Save with the cloud at the top right, then print it or fax it. If it is an internal consult, you can link it to a message by clicking on the enveloppe.


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