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2. Pharmacies
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The pharmacy needs first to be created as a site in your database, to be able to then add it to a patient chart. You need administrator rights to do this.

To add pharmacies :

This is done in the « Administration » interface.

To create a new pharmacy, double-click on Settings, then Sites, then New site.


You must fill in the official name, check the box "Drugstore", then fill in the desired information (address, telephone, fax). Save by clicking on the blue disk at the top of the page.

To modify a pharmacy, double-click on "Search a site". Check "Only drugs." to search pharmacies only. Launching the search without writing anything will bring up the complete list of pharmacies. Double-click on one of them to modify it.


Once a pharmacy is created, it can be added to the patient file, either through the administrative interface ("Complete" tab of the file), or in Ofys Pro (by clicking on the pencil in the patient demographics section).

When using the fax integrated in Ofys, you can also search for a pharmacy from the official AQPP (Association Québécoise des Pharmaciens Propriétaires) list, even if the pharmacy was not created in Ofys or added to the patient's file, to fax directly to it.


In a future version, it will be possible to add pharmacies from the AQPP to patients' charts.

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